How You Can Get a Flood Of Referrals Almost Overnight

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Here's an incredibly simple way to get a flood of referrals to your business very fast.

The best part is, you can deploy this literally today, and get an influx of cash very quickly.

Send out an email/direct mail/sms/direct message to your existing customer base.

Ask them if they're satisfied with their experience of doing business with you. Doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, simply ask them if they’re happy doing business with you.

Usually, 3 things will happen:

1. A small number won't reply

There’s always a percentage of people who won’t reply to your communications. It’s just the way it is, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Life gets in the way, people forget to reply, or simply don’t want to - and that’s ok.

2. Some will say “no”

Not the ideal scenario, but a perfect opportunity to ask why they’re not happy with your company and what you could improve.

Getting customer feedback is incredibly valuable so you can improve your products and services. If they don’t want to participate and won’t tell you what they don’t like, you can offer them a small discount, give them a gift card, or offer to do something for free for them as a way to incentivize them. That’s also a way to win back dissatisfied customers.

3. The majority will say “yes”

If you’ve done a good job with your customers and fulfilled on your promise, they’ll be happy. 

This is the perfect moment to ask them to for a referral.

You can word it along these lines:

“We very much enjoy doing business with you, and are happy that you’re satisfied with us.

Would you recommend someone in your circle of family, friends, and colleagues to try our product/service with no strings attached?

You’re one of our best customers/clients and we would be thrilled if you recommended someone of at least the same quality as you.

Thank you”

It's simple, but you'd be surprised how well this works.

From my experience (and if you've done a good job in the past), over 80% of your customers and clients will be happy to do this.

If you want to increase response, you can offer to give the referring person some bonus, a freebie, or a small discount on future purchases as a way to say thank you.

Implement this in your business and watch your cash register ring.

Lovro Magdalenic

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