About Profits Clinic

In a nutshell, we help businesses win.

We always focus on highest and best use of your time and resources to achieve incredible results - and we do that by combining traditional marketing with the newest ideas, tools, and strategies.

Drive Revenue With Proven Strategies

If you're tired of theory and gimmicks, and want to unlock more revenue, you're in the right place. 

Expect hard-hitting, no-nonsense, and proven ways to dramatically change the way you play the game.

Out-market, out-position, and out-sell your competition

Leave your competition in the dust by harnessing the power of "exponential" in your business.


We've identified over 90 different impact points in your business to monetize and maximize hidden opportunities, untapped assets, overlooked possibilities, underperforming activities, underutilized relationships, distribution, and tap into other "out-of-the-box", alternative approaches.

Leverage Your Best Opportunities

Our clients achieve impressive results by going after opportunities that are big needle movers.


First we methodically evaluate the highest impact points in your business.

Then we ethically exploit your best leverage opportunities that have the most upside, least possible downside, and help achieve the results you're after.

About Lovro Magdalenic


I'm Lovro

I started Profits Clinic in 2016 as a response to the same old, bad marketing advice floating around... which produces mediocre results at best.

I wanted to show businesses that there are more profitable, more fun, less risky ways to grow. Strategies that outperform conventional marketing by an order of magnitude.

I truly hope that we will open your eyes to what is possible for you and your business in terms of profit, growth, satisfaction, and the impact you have on the world. 

Get serious about growth.

Working with us means understanding exactly how to grow your business - and getting a strategy that is personally tailored to your business needs and vision.

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