8 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Buyers

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If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know what an "ideal customer avatar" is.

It’s usual demographic data such as your ideal customer's age, gender, occupation, where they live, how much they make etc. 

But what’s more important is their psychographic profile.


Because it determines how they are going to act. 

The 8 traits you want your ideal prospects and buyers to have:

1) Passion

You want them to be passionate and emotional about the topic and thing you’re selling. If they're not, then the odds of them buying will diminish. Make sure the problem you are solving for your customers is their passion and is based largely on emotion. No matter what you sell, you can position your product or service in a way that hits on the emotional aspect of the prospect, which will dramatically increase your chances of getting a sale. 

2) Irrationality 

You want them to be irrational and you want them to make impulse purchases. 

It’s like the bride when she’s getting married - she wants to have everything, whether it’s actually needed or not. Your ideal buyer will have an element of irrationality about what you sell. 

3) Easy to reach

They need to be easy to reach. You could be selling bankruptcy prevention, but are they going to be easy to reach with your marketing? Not exactly. As far as I know, there isn't a "Bankruptcy Monthly" magazine people are subscribed to. 

You need to have easy access to your market either through online media such as different advertising networks, publications, and social media platforms, or offline through different organizations, associations, and clubs for example. 

4) Motivated to do something about it right now

Your ideal prospect needs to be motivated to do something about their problem RIGHT NOW.

Depending on your industry and what you’re selling, sales cycle length will vary a lot. But there are always ways to find people who are in pain, who have a problem, who have an itch they want to scratch right now, and you want to sell to them first.

These are people and businesses who will spend money with you now (or in the near future) as opposed to months or even years down the line.

5) Insatiable

They’re insatiable. They always want more, and no matter how much they eat, they’re always hungry. Some people can’t stop buying books, others always want more cars, more watches.

In a B2B scenario - some businesses always want the latest and best software, more training for their team, more outside help from agencies and consultants.

Ask yourself - is your target market insatiable about what you’re offering? 

6) They're already interested

Almost goes without saying. Make sure this is failsafe. You're not making the risky move of having to educate your market completely from the ground up in order for them to buy. You can avoid that simply by checking this off.

Every market needs to be educated, and that is the job of your content marketing, but if you need to build their interest from the ground up, you’re climbing this crazy steep hill and you’re making it unnecessarily hard for yourself.

Ask yourself - is what you’re selling something they're already interested in?

Or do you have to educate them about a problem they don't know they have? If you do, you’re making it 10 times harder on yourself than it needs to be.

The solution is to find the buyers who are aware of the problem and have expressed interest in solving it.

7) They need to be able to afford it

Are they able to buy what you sell? It's all relative to your market, but make sure they can afford what you're selling to them. Do your research first, don't go with your own assumptions.

8) They are proven buyers, and they are repeated proven buyers

Have they already bought what you’re selling before (even from competitors)?  

Have they bought something like this before, recently and repeatedly? 

A PROVEN buyer is worth a lot more to your business than any other type of prospect.

Someone who bought something for $100 is worth more than someone who expressed interest in everything you offer but never pulled the trigger.

Someone who bought your $10k, $100k, or higher priced offer is worth infinitely more than the previous level buyer. It means they have the cash, interest, and will to buy what you’re selling - and those are the people you should be selling to even more, and getting more referrals from.

If a crowd checks all 8 of these, you're gonna make a lot of money from them. It’s going to be easy to sell to them, it’s going to be much less risky for you, and it’s going to be proven and profitable.

 The less of these traits your market has, the harder it is going to be to sell to them.

Keep this in mind when engineering your next marketing campaign and positioning your products and services.

To your success,

Lovro Magdalenic

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